Workshop Comments

"Dear Soraya and Tim,

What a fabulous weekend! I really enjoyed it so much, and have come away determined to keep up the momentum and paint as much as possible! We shall see.

I found the course extremely well organised and your studio space is very impressive. Ten of us did fit in but I can see why you would prefer to have eight on a course. And the lunches .....! They may have been made of light ingredients but were so delicious and generous I'm sure they added considerably to our creativity as well as our waistlines.

I very much want to come again, probably next year all being well, and will sign up on your website shortly.

Thanks again to both of you for a lovely experience."



"Hi Tim,

Really enjoyed the weekend, Soraya is so inspirational, I learnt so much.....the food was very good as well !"



"Dear Soraya and Tim

Thank you so much for a fabulous 2 days. It was inspirational and really enjoyable.

I had no idea it was so late when I left yesterday and apologise if I delayed you. I had a very quick run home and am now about to set up my work in my studio/spare bedroom!!

Many thanks for all your wonderful help and hospitality"


"Hi Soraya,

It was great to come to your workshop before I went on holiday. I really
felt I gained a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed the smaller group. The food
was really great, as was the company. I know I have a long way to go
before I successfully put figures in a painting, but feel my buildings
and plant material are getting better."


"Thankyou so much for such a lovely 2 days. You are so full of energy and inspiration that I loved each minute of our time and so full of encouragement"